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A Moment to Pause

So here I am writing my first ever blog post. I've been thinking about it for weeks, trying to decide about what I should write. Numerous ideas have been floating through my mind, but none seemed fitting for this inaugural post. I wanted something personal but also something that others might find of interest.

Today as I prepared to do two things I enjoy - spend time with my daughter and dine at a tea room, I realized the outing would make the perfect topic for my first blog. We went to a tea room in Woodstock, Georgia called Tea Leaves & Thyme. I first learned about this little gem years ago when I attended a baby shower for a friend of mine. I didn't even drink tea at the time. But I was happy to spend an afternoon with girlfriends, playing "dress up" with the various hats and gloves that the restaurant offered, and eating some delicious food. And guess what? I found that I actually like hot tea!

Fast forward 17 years and I am a lover of hot tea. It's my morning caffeine of choice and I steep it daily from loose leaf tea. I've also become a regular at Tea Leaves & Thyme.

Proper tea requires time. Time to steep. Time to cool so you don't scald your mouth. (unless you're my friend, Nicola who likes it very, very hot). It's a sort of time out. A moment to pause. A moment to catch your breath. Maybe even a moment to contemplate your day.

I love the feel of a dainty tea cup in my hand. It just feels. . . . well. . . special!

My daughter Hannah, and I ordered the Full Afternoon Tea Tray. It was beautifully presented on a 3-tiered rack and included fruit and scones, finger sandwiches, and dainty desserts.

I always enjoy browsing the restaurant's gift shop. Over the years, I've been able to add to my tea collection from their shop, as well as purchase thoughtful gifts for others.

I met the owner, Kim Jordy, years ago. Although she has a full staff on board, she can often be found walking around, talking to guests and making sure everyone is being properly cared for. Kim's story is such an incredible one that I might have to dedicate an entire future blog post to it.

I met the owner, Kim Jordy, years ago. Although she has a full staff on board, she can often be found walking around and talking to guests; making sure everyone is being properly cared for. Kim's story is an incredible one. I might have to dedicate a future blog post to it.

I love the tea, the scones, the dainty tea spoons, the cubes of sugar, the delicate teacups, and the overall ritual of making and serving tea. But what makes it really special are the relationships enjoyed over a cup of tea.

Tea Leaves & Thyme

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Rob Santeramo
Rob Santeramo
Jul 13, 2018

Congratulations on your amazing website and great first blog! Inspires me to be a better photographer and start drinking tea!😊


Jul 13, 2018

I love Tea Leaves and Thyme! Beautiful pictures. What a great topic for your first blog post! Tea Time for me is 4 pm each ahhh moment. But whatever time of day, wherever, however and with whomever, enjoying a cuppa is indeed a moment to pause. In our family, from when I was little and right up to today, tea has not only been a daily habit, or for moments of celebration, but it has also been the go-to for unpleasant life situations. Talking about it over tea, or just sitting still while sipping tea and not talking about it is the first step in facing a disappointment or bad news or some crisis, a momentary balm, if you…

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