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Kind, Funny, Role Model. . . this High School Senior hits all the right Notes

Meet Cal. He's a senior at Walton High School this year. I'm so glad his mom asked me to do his senior portraits. I meet with all my seniors so that I can get to know them a little better before the session. It allows me to really customize the session and capture who they are as a person. Cal was kind of quiet at first, letting his mom do most of the talking. But when he finally opened up, I found that he is a well-mannered and funny young man, sometimes even employing sarcasm.

For example, when I asked Cal for three words to describe himself, he laughed and the first word out of his mouth was "lazy!" But as I asked more questions, I realized that what he was really describing was something we all crave: down time. Doing nothing doesn't mean lazy! In fact, according to Winnie-the-Pooh, "Doing nothing sometimes leads to the very best something!" So Cal, if being "lazy" means taking a break from all the responsibilities of school, activities, and work from time to time, then I'm right there with ya!

Speaking of school and activities, Cal is passionate about music. He's played the French Horn in Walton's Symphonic Band all 4 years. He's moved up through the ranks, starting in Symphonic II and working his way to Symphonic I beginning his Sophomore year. In addition, he's been first chair for the last 2 years. For those of y'all who don't know what first chair is - it means he's the TOP DOG! And if that isn't enough, Cal also plays the mellophone in Walton's Marching Band. Both last year and this, Cal was chosen by the band directors to be a Section Leader because of his initiative and willingness to go above and beyond. He is a true role model for his peers. Cal, that's definitely not lazy! 😉

When he's not in school or practicing his musical instruments, Cal works at a local movie theater. Mom says she loves Cal's kind, caring heart. She also loves that he's smart and sometimes a smart aleck.

Cal will be looking at a number of colleges this fall. He says he loves a good challenge - especially when learning a musical piece. He also loves math, physics, and order. His goal is to combine those passions into a dream job one day. Cal, I have no doubt that with your passion and determination, your life will play out like a masterpiece.

Check out those baby blue eyes! Wowza!

Cal was down for creating an edgy look. He really nailed it in this one!

From edgy to GQ, Cal's got all the looks!

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