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Cruising to Success

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Everyone say hi to Sean! This tall young man is currently a senior at Walton High School. I first met Sean’s mom through social activities in our neighborhood. And then I got to meet her handsome son.

One can’t help immediately noticing Sean’s gorgeous hair, intense hazel eyes, and his boy-next-door smile. What a winning combination! Although Sean can be kind of quiet, he exudes a calm and confident air.

As requested, Sean brought several outfit choices to our pre-consultation meeting. Immediately, I could see that he has very good taste and a sense of style. And really, that’s not surprising given his creative bent.

Sean is a member of SkillsUSA, a national organization that promotes careers in skilled trades while also offering students leadership opportunities. In fact, it was because of Sean’s leadership skills that he was elected as Vice President of the Walton High School chapter. Members of SkillsUSA all over the country compete in regional, state, and national competitions. Since Sean has taken graphic art classes at Walton, he's been able to use the knowledge and skills he’s obtained to compete in past SkillsUSA competitions in the area of graphic design. On the evening of his portrait session he even wore a t-shirt sporting a really cool design - ONE THAT HE CREATED!

Sean had picked two looks for his portrait session. This first look was a suit complete with a very dapper vest and tie. In it, he looked like he was ready to tackle the world. Sean shared with me that his plan is to graduate from Georgia Tech and go into Cyber Security. And he’s well on his way! Sean has been taking classes at a local college in addition to his regular high school classes. By the end of his senior year of high school, he’ll have 12 college credits towards a degree in Cyber Security. Sean’s drive and determination is evidenced by his ability to juggle school, work, college and friends.

Sean’s second look was a shirt with the sleeves pushed up, layered over the t-shirt that he designed. Add to that a pair of dark jeans, black shoes, and Sean’s intense gaze, and you get a very cool vibe. For these images, we ducked down some alleys and found a cool graffiti-like wall as well as a set of iron stairs.

During our consultation, Sean had proudly told me about his PT Cruiser. I could tell that he really loves his car so we made plans to include it in some of his images. Sean admitted that he loves the PT Cruiser’s unique look and he told me that it’s fun to drive. But his car is really more than just a fun ride. It’s actually symbolic of Sean’s focus and drive (no pun intended). In the fall of 2017, Sean set out to achieve a 5-part goal that included grades and work. By December of the same year, Sean had successfully met all 5 parts of the goal and was rewarded with this sweet ride. As I was capturing those final images of Sean standing by his car, the sun had set and a full moon took its place. We couldn’t have planned for a more perfect end to the evening. After the last click of the shutter, Sean drove off in his PT Cruiser. And I suspect he’ll keep on cruising to a successful future!

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