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Updated: Nov 20, 2018

I have known Garrett and his family for a number of years now as he and his brothers attended the same elementary/middle school as my kids. I can hardly believe he's so grown up - a green-eyed, dimple-cheeked young man; full of poise and smiles, with an arsenal of stories to tell and a twinkle in his eye! Garrett is currently a senior at Marietta High School. He has a lot of depth and breadth of gifts. His talents and skills run the gamut from his athletic prowess to his academic aptitude to his artistic sensibilities. As a freshman Garrett made both the JV and the Varsity baseball teams at MHS where he played pitcher and Center Field. He had this to say about his experience: "As a new student to Marietta [High School], baseball turned into a special way to create great friends and make new experiences in my first year as a high schooler. Baseball is taken seriously at Marietta and playing helped me build [a] work ethic and teamwork."

As much as he enjoyed playing baseball, Garrett decided to step away during his sophomore year in order to focus on his academics. That decision paid off as he was recently recognized by his high school for earning a GPA of 3.5 or better for the last 3 consecutive years! He was also invited to join the Math Honors Club, in which he's enjoyed tutoring other students who need help in math. His other accolades include being inducted into the National Beta Club and the National Honor Society.

Garrett is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program for Film, a challenging two-year curriculum that leads to a qualification that is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. As part of his studies in film, he was recently on a team that participated in a competition. All the teams were given the same specifications/requirements, but could interpret those however they chose. It was Garrett's idea to create a film noir, which ultimately set them apart from their competition. His team was selected to represent their high school and will now move on to compete against other high schools all over the southeast. In addition to film, Garrett is pursuing photography. He recently got a camera and has started learning how to use it to create stunning images. Garrett also chooses to express himself through music. His freshman year he picked up a guitar for the first time and started teaching himself to play with the help of YouTube Videos. Since then, he has been asked to help lead worship for the youth group at Stonebridge Church and as well as the FCA at his high school. It's not uncommon for Garrett to come home from school after a hectic day and pick up his guitar in order to relax and unwind. During his junior year Garrett became a published author. He was one of 30 students chosen out of a population of 2,500 to write an essay for the book 30 Core Values Worth Knowing published by his high school. In Garrett's essay Maintaining Poise Under Pressure he wrote, "...out of times of extreme pressure prevail the motivated, the successful, the world changers." Garrett has faced his own number of challenges and has always remained poised and motivated.

Garrett has applied to several colleges and is considering a few areas of study including Business Finance. He says he also likes math, science, and moving objects so he's considering Aerospace Engineering. Based on Garrett's history of embracing an area of study, whether it's film-making, photography, or music, and not only becoming proficient at it, but excelling at it, I know he'll be successful in his future endeavors! Go be a world changer, Garrett!

Garrett loves to hang out in Marietta Square with his friends. Hence, this was a perfect location for his senior portraits.

Despite only picking up the guitar a few years ago, Garrett has worked hard to learn to play and now leads worship for his youth group and FCA.

Garrett owns a jeep and loves to take it off-roading, so it was only appropriate that we incorporate this into his senior session. He got a good laugh at THIS newbie as we were both jostled and bounced around in the front seat of the jeep. The sun was bright that day but we found a shady spot in the deep woods to get a couple of shots. It didn't take long for him to whip out his guitar and start strumming a few chords.

Two of Garrett's favorites: his jeep and his guitar!

Catching the sunset over Marietta Square was the perfect ending to Garrett's senior session.

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